I'm torturing myself!!!


I'm having an especially hard time today dealing with my infertility issues. To make matters worse all of my social media pages are filled with new borns. I had about 6 friends in the last month give birth. I also decided it was a great idea to watch pregnancy announcement videos on YouTube that left me balling my eyes out.

I am also dealing with a family member who has a two year old and is currently pregnant again. She lives on public assistance, her house is filthy and she lets the dead beat father live there. He doesn't work or support the family at all. She would call me all the time saying how she doesn't have diapers or wipes or electricity for that matter!!

I just don't understand how things can be so unfair that way...

I would give anything to get pregnant and God allows people like that just keep reproducing. I know that's horrible to say but that's where I am at anymore.