Open relationship

Hello, so a little background. I was raped multipule times when I was younger this led to an early sexuality for me then I got into a relationship where sex was a major part of the relationship and I was happy because for me after being raped I became dependant on that sexual physical contact, then well he died from erotic asphyxiation...I have this bad thought in my mind that I wasn't enough for him if he had to do that...well now I'm in a relationship where sex is maybe once or twice a month if that. He won't have sex if he has to work the next day and he claims we are trying to have another kid while I'm taking all these meds since I have PCOS and difficulty conceiving. He also never pays attention to me he is a huge gamer, like last night I was in middle of telling him how I felt like I was going to throw up, he puts his headset on to start talking to others, then he got mad I shook my head...well my point of the post is I kind of want an open relationship so I can find someone who would be more available when I need someone...not just sexually but just physically hold me when I need it. How do I approach this topic with him?