Money and stress

Seriously hating the fact that I have nothing to my name. Worse is that my fiance is the one who gives me money and i hate asking its a pain in the ass. Every time I decide to get a job something always occurs. I was gonna go apply at Old Navy but then found out my youngest daughter is going to need speech and developmental therepy and since my fiance works and Im a SAHM and student that work is going to be put on hold again. And my finanical aid money is being delayed idk for how long. I need my books and I need ink for printer. Im just so fed up. Right now im so upset because I want to go out I only have $23. I wanted to do my eyebrows cuz its been a while but I know my daughter is gonna want something to eat or drink so I rather waste it on her just so freaking annoyed I told my fiance this and hes like well i dont want to go to the mall. Its my daughter and I have been cooped in the house all day and were bored out of our minds. My other daughter got lucky and went out with my sister. Still im so upset that I cant provide either. 😔😢