Crying after sex? (longish post)


Last night I told my boyfriend I would give him head and swallow because I usually don’t because I don’t like doing that. He was close then I decided I couldn’t do it, I felt really bad because I told I would then backed out last second ( I know this is a perfectly fine thing to do) but he got kind of irritated and I started to feel bad and cry. He apologized and we laid there for a few minutes while I tried to get it back together. I told him I still wanted to have sex but just not do that and he was completely fine. He was telling me he loved me and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me while we were having our sex. When he came I laid down on top of him and started cry again. This wasn’t a sad cry I was just emotional and in love. My boyfriend thought I was going to break up with him and other things along those lines and I tried to explain that people cry after sex and not just because of bad things. I know I must have been confusing him because of what happened before sex but he didn’t believe me that it happens sometimes. Is this true? Has it happened to anyone else?