Does anybody believe that there is some truth in horoscopes?? Im a taurus and my guy is a capricorn and he really believes in that stuff. I read up on it sometimes for fun/entertainment & hes the first guy i dated that it says we are actually a perfect match and we have so much in common and we really do! So much so its scary.. The way we think the things we went through growing up is almost identical its weird. we even look alike were both dirty blondesđŸ˜…. Were both mixed, hes jamaican &puerto rican and im black cuban & italian. Only problem is he has a really bad temper and its driving us apart :/ the horoscope described us to a T.. Any thoughts about horoscopes? I also went to a psychic reader (something i did out of boredom& curiousity) i didnt tell her our signs but she swears we are meant to be & if we break up we'll always wind up back with eachother. Honest thoughts on that & horoscopes ladies???