Heart palpitations with pregnancy


I am 17 weeks pregnant and this is my third pregnancy/child.

I do have a history of high blood pressure but otherwise am in pretty good health/no other medical issues.

The last few weeks I’ve noticed my heart beating really oddly every so often during the day.

I can’t really explain what it feels like that makes sense. Sometimes it feels like one REALLY hard pump, a pause, and then normal beating. Like it pumps in but pauses before it pumps out. Maybe this would be just called skipping a beat? It’s just really odd how it thumps really hard before pausing/skipping. I can feel this hard thump even in my throat!

Other times it just feels like it starts beating extra fast for a few seconds then goes back to normal.

It scares me because I’ve never felt anything like this before so I don’t know if I’m freaking out over nothing or what.

I never had any problems like this during my other pregnancies.

I don’t go back to the doctor for another almost 3 weeks and I plan to mention it then if it continues. Or is this something I need to call and get in sooner? Would I make the call to my OBGYN or my normal wellness doctor?