Never included

Nicole • 27 ❤️ Milwaukee born and raised 🐄🧀🍻
So my boyfriend likes to go out after work with his friends all the time which is great. He needs to have time with his friends. But he never stops and thinks to invite me. I don't need an invite every time but once in awhile I'd like to be included. I want to be in on the fun and is like to meet the people in his life. When I go out I always try to include him and I want him to meet all of my friends because he's important to me. I'd just like him to do the same for me. Am I being childish? He treats me so well but I hate always being left out and not meeting the people in his life. And I hate waiting around for him to finally get home. I just want to feel like more of a part of his life just like he's a part of mine.