C section incision

So. I'm currently 7 weeks pp.

I have a spot on my incision about 1cm that came open. It had closed at one point but opened up about 2 weeks pp. Called dr at that time and they said as long as it doesn't look infected, bleeding a lot or painful to keep it clean and dry and they will check it next apt unless it gets worse. So at my 6 week apt it still isnt closed. Its maybe a little better but 🤷‍♀️. Doctor puts silver nitrite on it and tells me to put some cream I already had at home because it looks like maybe a yeast infection. Says it should be better in about a week. I have been doing that...but it still isnt closed. Picture is what it looks like as of today. No pain, very little bleeding(only when you dab at it). I do have an overhanging stomach so keeping it dry is a challenge but I've been putting cotton pads on it to keep it dry and changing them 2x a day. Any other advice? I'm not sure at what point do I go back to the doctor or get a second opinion. He still cleared me for normal activity he didnt tell me to take it easy or anything but do I need to?helpppp