Kira • 🐾💙 11-02-18 💜🌈 Hope is never forgotten 12-5-2019 my miracle baby Lucas Tyler

So today was my only day off from work this week and I always spend it with my husband. Today we were coming back home from getting food having our normal conversation. In the midst of that conversation I began to get anger started raising my voice a little, while calming myself down realizing how dumb it was I start crying for no reason. As I continue being slightly angry, full on sobbing here comes the laughing because I have no idea why I’m crying. All I sputtered out was I don’t know why I’m crying I know I’m angry but it’s a stupid reason. He’s sitting there laughing at me while I’m crying saying your so cute what’s wrong I love you I have no idea why you’re crying. So long story short I’m hoping this is the month. ❤️❤️❤️