What should he do??

So my husband has 2 kids and an ex wife.. she committed suicide when the kids were around 10 years old..

it’s still a very sore subject.. like asking anything about her!! He wants to talk badly and I don’t want to know the bad things!! I want to know the good, happy times!!

Well today I stumbled upon a file on his computer of nudes of her.. and I don’t want to ask him to delete it.. but I don’t want them to be there??


She passed awhile after they got divorced. She was addicted to meth and that’s why he only has bad things to say, in his mind even through the good times he wonders if she was secretly doing drugs.. he was trying to help her work on her relationship with the kids when she sent them and that’s when he realized she didn’t care about the kids... I asked him and he told me “you can delete them if you want” he completely forgot about them but I’m not comfortable doing that. He said he will do it but I’m not putting to much pressure on the situation.. it was a little shocking to find but as long as he eventually deletes them I don’t think it’s going to be an issue. I found another pic of all of them together and I’m planning on framing it and giving it to the kids..