Help me


I know I’m symptom counting.

I can’t get a pregnancy test without my husband knowing (and I want to surprise him on his bday in 3 weeks if I am)

AF due tomorrow. No sign of her. Normally I spot a day or two before especially if we have sex. We just had sex and nothing. No blood smell (he can always tell when I’m about to start my period by the smell of slight blood when we have sex which sounds gross but whatever)

Pink spotting after wiping one time on 7/8dpo, which was last Tuesday March 19

A little crampy/fluttery

Gassy. Bloated

Nauseous whenever I eat.

Craving fruit, specifically oranges (this happened to me with a past pregnancy that ended in miscarriage)

Breast tenderness

ALL of these could be pms but I’m going nuts not being able to go to a store and buy a test (I’m on his work site location in the middle of west Texas which I can’t leave without him)

Somebody tell me anything to make me settle the f*** down and be patient. Even if it’s just a random story hahaha help me

I realize if I’m pregnant, I’m pregnant and AF won’t come so I’ll know but I just wanna see the two lines!!!! Maybe I’ll cave and tell him we gotta get one tomorrow if I don’t get my period haha