Social media

I DO NOT WANT YOUR OPINION IF YOU THINK PROBLEMS W/ SOCIAL MEDIA IN RELATIONSHIPS IS CHILDISH & IMMATURE! Please leave opinions if you've delt or have had the same problem.. I already get there are women on here who think it's childish but your opinions aren't helping mine or anyone else with the same problems issues. ANYWAY... My boyfriend has a problem with me posting any pictures of myself or anything else on my Instagram because other guys follow me & he doesn't want anyone looking at me in any sexual way.. I think it's stupid & controlling , frustrating too cause he fights with me over it ... I'm like really so I don't post pictures rarely but I don't want him having control over my life like that how do I go about making it to where I can post pictures and he just has to deal with it because it makes me happy.. Not for attention I just really enjoy blogging and my pictures are aeriously rated G