She's here

Elizabeth • 26. Type 1 diabetic. Engaged to my soul mate. First time mommy to be to my little girl, Abigail Paige, due September 23rd.
She's here! My little girl came into this world a little bit early at 38 weeks, on September 9th @ 5:19AM. She weighed 7lbs 7oz and was 18.5 inches long. Went to my OB appointment on the 8th and found out I had possible preeclampsia so they sent me to the hospital, monitored me and confirmed the preeclampsia and they decided to induce me. I was already 4cm dilated and by the time I made it to a labor and delivery room I was 6cm. Barely felt any pain with my contractions. They gave me pitocin and the epidural and I made it to 7cm before I stalled and after 18 hours of labor and seeing my baby girl's heart rate was dropping, they decided a c section was the way to go. For a ftm I was surprised my labor was progressing so quickly with minimal pain. I still think if I hadn't been given the pitocin I would've kept progressing and delivered vaginally but whatever way brought my little Abi to me the safest was all that mattered. I'm filled with so much love for my baby girl. She's got me wrapped around her tiny finger.