So we are ttc. Stress I believe is a factor. I have a lot of pain and stress. We are getting married soon. I'm 38 he is 41. I went to the our family doctor's office to talk about my meds. The PA (he) there is (was) a family friend. I explained in the appointment that this was not something we were telling the kids. 
Two weeks ago my step kids came home pissed off because the PA told his kids I was ttc. They kids are not happy about this. I'm fine with them not being happy I wasn't going to tell them until I was pregnant. But, now a new amount of stress has come on with them knowing and their mother knowing. She makes life hard enough we just didn't need this stress. 
The kids are friends with the PA's kids and I don't know how to deal with this breaking of patience confidentiality. Do we say something and risk the kids losing friends or keep our mouths shut. It so hard to live in a small town. Wanted a baby so bad but and tore between kids we have already saying that they are being replaced. I explained that we are just adding more love but the stress is worse daily.