Meeting my parents

So I'm dating guy he's 29 and I'm 21, we've been dating for a little over two months now and things between us are amazing! He hasn't met any of my family yet aside from the sister I live with. My dad keeps asking me "when am I going to meet him" but every time I bring it up to the guy I'm dating he says my dad has to wait because he's still focusing on us and doesn't want to rush things between us ...I understand that 100% but the longer I put off the whole meeting of the family (my dad in particular) the more upset my dad gets, I'm trying to explain to him why he hasn't met him yet and my dad doesn't seem to really care, I think eventually he'll get tired of asking and just right him off...I guess I just want to know when is a good time to introduce someone to your family? Am I asking him too soon? Do you think my dad just needs to be patience? Or is my guy avoiding them because of doubt or something?