I haven't been tracking O with OPK's

But have been with CM. & I just feel like I may have ovulated really early. So I tested yesterday morning. I ordered cheapies off Amazon that will be here on the 18, so of course to satisfy my addiction I'll take one when they get here. So I am not 100% sure when I ovulated. Glow says the 12 should have been my day but based on CM it was more around the 8th & 9th. Still way too early to show up on any test if that's the case so I'm betting what I'm seeing on the test I took yesterday morning is just a horrible indent or evap even though I snapped a picture at the 3 minute mark. So unnerving. But needless to say I'm pretty excited to poas again at the end of this week even if it is just for fun!! Thought I'd post my picture for fun too. Maybe it's not an ident, maybe it is. :)