No sex or release!


So I have a short cervix, and have been put on bed rest since August 19th.

I'm not due until December 31st.

Not having sex until then is no problem. I've gone around a year with no sex BUUUT I have never gone this long without orgasming.

I believe orgasming relieves head and body aches and of course has calming benefits (great if you have issues falling asleep).

So in the past, before taking medicine, I would take a minute and breathe deep, if that didn't help, I would orgasm and wait for the chemicals to do their magic.

I just realized 4 months until I give birth then an additional month or 2 post partum is a long time. Especially seeing as how being pregnant had made me more horny than ever! Sensitive nipples don't help either lol.

Anybody else in my situation? Any coping advice?