TTC after miscarriage & D&C

I miscarried, measured at 7weeks had a D&C August 6th it's now 5 weeks later and some change. On August 28th I had a horrible sharp pain in my abdomen to the right of my belly button. Called my doctor scared I could have gotten an infection but she thinks I might just be having ovulation pain. If that was what it was I would be 16dpo. I tested yesterday BFN. Have had nausea without vomiting all week but only after I eat and in the evening. I lost my appetite as a result. I feel bloated but don't look it. Had cramping the past 48 hours no period in site not even spotting. What the heck is going on!!? I want my rainbow but if I can't get my BFP I want AF so I can move on to the next cycle.