New and don't know what to expect

As for everyone else this has been very stressful and emotional for me and I dot really have anyone to share with. 
I've been on the pill for 9-10 years (I'm about to turn 27). Stopped the pill last October and did not get AF until I had to be stimulated with progesterone. Then no AF for 2 months and then one random AF after which my doctor referred  me to the infertility specialist. It turns out I have PCOS- elevated testosterone and cysts during ultrasound. I have no other signs, I've recently went form 152 to 125 and don't have excessive hair growth so this was a shock. 
I had an HSG done on Aug 31 which was very painful and I was bleeding for a week. I've never been in so much pain in my life it was absolutely awful and I had to go back four days after due to the heavy bleeding. 
My husband is going to have spermogram done in a week and after that I am likely to finally get the meds to try and trigger ovulation. 
Luckily I have no out of pocket costs associated with these treatments unless I need and <a href="">IVF</a> so at least I have this going for me. 
I'm just very anxious and don't want to discuss this with my friend who recently got knocked up after a one night stand and I just feel that discussing this with her will be a bad idea. My husband is supportive but he is away for work a lot and so I'm usually in charge of setting up appointments and all the medical stuff... I'm just sick of using OPKs and getting negatives and people pestering me with questions about when we will have kids...
Phew. Sorry for the long rant I feel better now