If you are stressing about your own pregnancy and don't want to read anything negative, please just keep scrolling. I don't want to cause stress for anyone else but I am in need of support. Thank you!

So I know my odds are not looking good at all at this point but this is what is going on. I had my first prenatal appt last week when I should have been 8w1d but the baby measured 2 weeks early at 6w1d. We couldn't hear the heartbeat because it was too early to pick up but we did see the heartbeat on the ultrasound. Doctor was not concerned about baby measuring so early because I have irregular periods but I got my bfp at 4w1d from first day of lmp so I don't think that's possible. The next morning, I had 2 gushes of clear fluid that came out. I know for certain that it was not urine and it was very watery. I also had cramping all morning so I called and they had me come in for another ultrasound. We saw baby and heartbeat so the doctor told me there isn't anything to do really and to just wait until my next appt to see how things are going. That evening I began spotting and then the next morning I began bleeding bright red blood like a period. I have been cramping , bleeding and passing clots for the last 2 days. I also lost my morning sickness the day I started bleeding so that is a huge red flag for me. I called today and the doctor said they don't just assume its a miscarriage because of bleeding but if it is a miscarriage, that they can't do anything for me. They told me I have to wait until my next scheduled appt which is still a week and a half away and they will do another ultrasound to check baby. Unfortunately, I don't think baby will still be there by then 😢 The wait is going to be rough and I am terrified of passing my baby. Especially since I just saw its heart beating right before I started bleeding. Thank you for taking time to read this and for any support/feedback you might have. I haven't announced my pregnancy so I don't have many people to talk to it about.