my boyfriend was so much more into our relationship in the beginning. he wrote me paragraphs, sent me random snaps throughout the day saying he loves and misses me, he would always want to call or facetime, and he loves for me to play pubg with him. but all of this stopped all of a sudden. he has family problems, and we talk about them and i help him, it’s nothing that someone hasn’t gone through. but i stopped receiving paragraphs and snapchats, he didn’t want to call as much, and when i bring this up to him he apologizes and this is what he says “I’m so sorry, i promise i will make it better. I love you so much and i don’t want to lose you.” he says shit like that. and he says it.. but is he really showing it??? cause things never get better. they don’t ever change. i love him so much, but a part of me feels like we are slipping. i don’t know how to tell him that i don’t feel appreciated. i’m losing hope on our relationship. even after trying to tell him... i still don’t receive anything. and the little things is what made me fall in love with him.