Should i call him?

The father of my baby hasn't talked to me for a while, only talks to me when he feels like it. We were together till I was 5 months and then he left me for someone else. He says he wants to be in the baby's life and he will help but he hasn't, he doesn't have a job or anything set up for the baby and Im 32 weeks already. I have 2 jobs and I'm still struggling to get everything I need. I'm struggling so much I'm moving with my dad to help and its out of state and I told him this and he hasn't replied to me or talked to me or anything. I don't think he wants to talk any more, he finally agreed 3 weeks ago that he will sign over his rights but is still willing to try to father him. My question is, should I call him before I have the baby so maybe he can see him at least once? Should I tell him I'm in labor so maybe he can show up if he wants?

I feel so torn about this, I want him there but...I don't because how much pain he's put me tho and I don't want him to leave the babu and walk out like he did to me. So I want him away, but I want to show him what we made.

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