he got mad at my nipples.

So my boyfriend, his sister, and i were at the beach to tan. I’ve gained a little weight and haven’t been able to get a new bathing suit so it’s a bit small but nothing serious at all. I dont even think that the top is too small being its adjustable. I leaned over to talk to my boyfriend and the outer part of my nipple came out. You would’ve never even knew it was part of my nipple if you’ve never seen it before. My boyfriend told me and i pulled my bathing suit over it and told him it wasn’t my actual nipple, just the lining(?) of it. But he got pissed and just got up and said we’re leaving. Mind you his sister couldn’t have even seen from where she was sitting and nobody was around us. He wanted me to apologize for “my nipple popping out”. I’m not sure if i should. It’s not really my fault? I told him i’m sorry, it was an accident, i’ll get a new bathing suit as soon as possible. He somehow thinks it’s my fault? I can see it from both points.