Do you let your daughter play in make up?

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When I grew up my mom didn’t let me play in make up or nail polishes. I don’t think I got to get my nails painted till between 8th or 9th grade. when I got into high school she let me wear mascara and lip gloss but that was it and here I am at 24 and all I wear is lipgloss, I get lash extensions and I get my nails done every 2 weeks.

My daughter will be 6 on April 30th and I let her play in make up. No she doesn’t wear it out the house but while we’re home she will play in it. My daughter and I both go get our nails done together. I get acrylics and she just gets her nails polished.

When did you start letting your daughter(s) experiment with make up and get their nails painted? Or when will you start?