What do i need to do w alcoholic man?

My husband is an alcoholic, he gets aggressive, and mean when he drinks. Altho he knows of this, he still drinks. He will drink 2 bottles of wine in a day, but if theres no wine, 8 bottles of beer a day.

Hes always mean to the kids and i, bullying us. And will play rough w the kids to thr point where they will cry. Then, he gets mad when they cry, and spank them. He will hit me playfully too, and if i ignore it, hed hit even harder to get my attention. And say all these kinds of bulls to me, repeating it, for 4-5hrs straight.

I separated from him, and he promised me he will no longer drink. I went back, and he did as he promised for 2 weeks, then went right back to drinking, and acting mean to us.

Idk what to do anymore. But to have a plan to take the kids and leave for that night whenever he ever drinks. I have no place to go and is pregnant.