Will they wait?

Samantha • I am 18, and im married to Zachary Alvarado, we live with my mom and 16 year old brother, we are trying to move out before our son gets here or shortly after...i am a high risk pregnancy.

I'm a ftm. I'm 18, and I'm 36+4, I have a heart condition... (I was born without the pulmonary artery) I also have a blood disorder (anti-phosphate lipid syndrome)

Well, the original plan was to be induced at 38weeks, that starts next Friday, because this Friday starts 37, well my doctors that are going to be delivering have decided my heart is fine enough to go until 39weeks, thats between the 30th-5th, well I have to travel four hours to get to that hospital, I am going there today, I leave at 8:55am to get there before my 2:40pm appointment.

Well, it was just going to be an appointment then I come back home, pack and go back before the 30th, well I keep having contractions, no dilation tho.

And I don't want to go into labor unexpectedly and have to deal with a doctor around here who has no idea what to do, because where I go they have a heart and vascular team on hand and a nicu and stuff but around here where I live they don't. So do you think they should send me home? Or that they will?