Should I take the clomid

Jade • 5 years TTC BABY NUMBER 2 Secondary Infertility. PCOS and Stage 4 endometriosis. 🧬 Expecting baby number 2 October 2021😻. Still super nervous and shocked! This all seems surreal!

I’m getting so much false hope. I have been ttc for 3 years with no luck. I was diagnosed with pcos last year because of all the cysts o have on my ovaries. I have regular monthly cycles and positive opk tests. My hubby did a semen analysis that came back great. For some reason I still can’t get pregnant. So my doctor prescribed me clomid that I start Tuesday, but everywhere I post women are constantly saying clomid is no good it doesn’t work for women with pcos. If that’s the case why would the doctor prescribe it to me? I’ve tried so many natural remedies but nothing had work. Myo insotol, maca root, apple cider vinegar, iso flavones, preseed, pregnatude. I don’t know what else to do but take clomid but everyone is saying it doesn’t work!

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