I love my partner but I feel stuck....

Can anyone explain to me why I feel stuck. I love my partner with all my heart I miss him so badly when I go away during the week sometimes. But I just have a feeling of being stuck yet being dependent. I really love him and care about him, but the longer we’ve been together the more I feel like the spark is going out and he’s not as into me. It’s lost some of the magic.

We have an almost two year old together and of course that takes a lot of just us time away although we make do.

We’ve had trouble with my in laws for years and minimally see them but it was definitely trying and straining making things work with them.

I have also only been mentally stable for a couple of months, I was not doing well for a long time. But the way I behaved during manic episodes & depressive episodes last year were also straining.

I love him so much but yet feel just eh. I don’t know whats missing but it’s probably just me and maybe I’m just a really shitty person that nothing will ever be good enough.