Always left hanging

Sex w my boyfriend is great, but there’s a downfall.... whenever I don’t cum & he does I’m always left hanging & all I hear are apologies & “I’ll make it up next time” but it’s like wtffff pls your woman. We have had numerous talks about this over and over again & everytime it’s the same thing. In my past sexual relations if I didn’t cum & the guy came before me, he always made sure I was satisfied before I left. He pleases me well but when this happens it pisses me TF OFF. You would think if I don’t cum you know, he would do something but no. I’m always left hanging. I don’t know what else to do. I still love him of course, but I’m just tired of it, it’s annoying & makes me feel as if he doesn’t like pleasing me. What do I do now? Talking about isn’t working so what now....?