My MILs are the absolute best!!

Tikka • Mama to one 🎀 Trying for baby ✌🏼 IG: @cozyandglam

Yesterday, my MIL and her wife came over to help clean out the room for our nursery. Went with my husband on a trip to donate items and a trip to haul away garbage. They also helped organize and vacuum our garage with him because we are getting a new fridge next week and are planning to move the old one to the garage as an extra. We wanted to take them to dinner for all their help but they wanted to go to BuyBuyBaby before to shop.

It’s been a tough for me because I was diagnosed with cervical incompetence during my last pregnancy and I lost a little girl at 18 weeks. This pregnancy, I received a cerclage but I need to take it easy which means no lifting at all and taking a lot of breaks. I’ve already been on bed rest for about a week when I overdid it and I don’t want to be on bed rest again. I typically am the one who would do the organizing and cleaning around the house with my husband and I haven’t been able to.

We just bought a Mockingbird stroller and wanted to look at car seats that would clip in. Well, these two bought us a beautiful new car seat AND a glider plus a bunch of adorable baby clothes. I tried to tell them no and I tried to pay for it but they wouldn’t have any of it. They’re soo so excited for their first grandchild (little girl 💕🎀). I’m feeling so lucky and blessed. I’ve been married to my husband for 3 years (dating for 12) and they’ve always been so supportive and sweet. We’re excited to have such a loving and strong support system through pregnancy and when our little girl arrives!!

Also, I’m in love with the stroller that we bought.