Ice cream made me cry


Yesterday we had a family day at Busch Gardens. Obviously, I couldn’t do anything fun (I LOVE roller coasters so I felt left out) but I passed an ice cream store and got a craving for chocolate soft serve in a waffle cone. The idea of it made me so excited so I went to get some. They were out, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. When my husband and son were on the last ride, I busted out the park map and google for another shop that sold chocolate soft serve and found it! I walked and waited in a long line, then went back to the ride. I had taken maybe three bites when my family got off the ride and my husband asked for a little bit. I reluctantly gave him my cone and told him not to take a massive bite (because he thinks he’s funny like that 🙄). Sure enough, he took a massive bite, laughed, then shoved the cone back to me to run away... where the cone rammed into my shirt, I didn’t have a grasp on it at all, and then fell to the ground. Ladies, I stood there in disbelief and literally started sobbing in the middle of the park 😂 Poor husband felt SO bad and begged me to tell him where I got it so he could get me another.

Hormones are fun. How many more weeks do we have?! 🙃