Ttc with pcos frustrated need help

Am 19 years old and my bf is 23 and he's ready for his first child in March I found out I had pcos I haven't had a regular period the doc gave me metformini in June I started taking them meds make me sick for a few weeks but eating healthy make feeling go away so my period came June 25 ended July 13 I am having unprotected sex since and my weight was going down in August my period didn't return and am feeling bloated my breast r just heavy I urinate alot it just annoying to pee so often my bf wanna give up and get another girl pregnant am hurt deep down I really love him an it pains my heart but I don't wanna give up so easy I need help now please really wanna save my relationship it's frustrating I got pregnant wen I was 15 did an abortion I couldn't tell no one and nobody still know only my bf an he's using it against me sometime only a child can make a difference