Worried! Belly looks flatter 🥺

M. • “For with God nothing shall be impossible”. 25. Married.

I’m 25 weeks and woke up yesterday at 3 am to some painful cramping/pain below the belly button most likely in the pelvic area. I could barely walk so I decided to head to L&D due to the pain and decreased fetal movement. Once hooked to the nst baby was kicking like crazy and I was told everything was fine baby was good they also did an ultrasound and checked my urine. However, I noticed when laying on my back that my belly bump now looks flat instead of being round. Since I’ve came back from the hospital still get that pain every now and then specially when I pee. I can barely feel baby’s movements and when I do they’re barely noticeable and I’m starting to get worried. Should I be concerned ??