Feeling down today


I was so excited this cycle after I made it through 6dpo with no spotting at all. Then today after church, I check cervix and hello spotting. Cd 21 af due weds and today is Sunday. I’ve been so consistent with my vitamins and supplements. Vitex, dim, few diff bs, mangesium, d, coq10, prenatal 3 times day, folate with b12, c,

EPO cd1-o, omegas after o and progesterone cream

I’m turning 33 in July. I’ve been trying to balance out from the mierna for 8 years. Two diff devices. Was removed December 2017. Just feeling down. Any experience or insight is greatly appreciated. Had so many labs and waiting on my latest to come in.

I’d like to conceive another before I’m 40 and I couldn’t if I wanted to right now.

Thanks ladies.