What do I do?

Amanda • Mommy to a beautiful baby girl born on 2/15/19 💕 Baby boy born 5/21/20 💙💙

Long story so bear with me...

I was living with a good friend of mine (also female) in a rental house about 2 hours from home over the summer. Well she decided to throw a start of summer party and she supplied a bunch of alcohol (I was under age at the time). Most people in attendance were her friends. After I had a few drinks (along with everyone else) she encouraged me and one of the guys to hook up as we were both virgins...which we did.

Fast forward a couple weeks...

I met this super nice guy and we hit it off. So we continued to talk and get to know each other. 2 weeks after meeting him, I found out I was pregnant (obviously guy from party). I completely ghosted him, because I thought he want a girl knocked up from a one night stand. After almost a month, he messaged me asking what had happened...so I explained and he laughed...shocked that I thought that would change his feelings. We ended up going on a date, which turned into us dating.

He has stuck by me the entire pregnancy and now 7 weeks of my daughter’s life. My baby’s father wants nothing to do with her, which we both agreed on after he told me to abort her and I said I’d do it on my own without his name being mentioned once.

Anyway, this sweet guy and I have been dating for 7 months now and I’m starting to question things.

My family has always thought he’s just tried to buy the relationship (he got me a Nintendo Switch for Christmas, has gotten me a ring, two necklaces, concert tickets, and bought probably $200 worth of baby stuff). Since my family has been telling me their opinion on it, I’ve started to feel that way too, but I don’t think it’s totally true...his family raised him to treat his girlfriend like a queen.

However, what bothers me is this: he refers to himself as the father to my daughter and has his family do the same (his parents as grandma and grandpa, etc...). I’ve talked to him a couple times about it and how I don’t want him doing that right now. Nothing has changed though. It’s getting to be too much for me. I have people questioning me on whether or not he has the dad and why I haven’t come out about it if it’s him. I explain it’s not, but then he gets mad at me.

I’ve brought the concern to friends and family and they all think I should end it with him. Do you guys think that’s the best thing to do? Should I try something else? Help!!!