Is it worth it to have a shower??


I hardly have anyone in my life who gives a fuck about me or this baby.

I have planned huge elaborate baby showers for every one of my neices, nephews, cousins, friends babies etc... But when it's finally my turn, i have no one. No one to throw me one and no one that would attend.

The two or 3 girlfriends that i do have, have already done so much for me i wouldn't dare expect them to come bearing gifts!! I dont want gifts!! I just want to be able to be excited about this baby. I want to celebrate him!! But im 97% alone in that!!

I would just take my couple friends to lunch or something but i don't have the money to do it.

Hes going to be here so soon!!

My one girlfriend said she'll have one for me... I just dont think its worth watching the door for no one to show up. Just sounds like more pain and tears.

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