I’m utterly lost and confused. TL;DR on bottom of post because it’s long. Please, any comments are appreciated


My boyfriend (M29) and I (F19) have been together for 15 months, but we lived together for around 8 of those months. We moved fast in our relationship, and that brought upon a lot of problems. We recently are living apart for about 3 months now, and it's still been bumpy here and there. We've both made efforts, but the same problems arise: porn, alone time, my sensitivity/emotional personality. I try my best to make sure he's happy and I'm always willing to do anything.

He has his own issues, but in this situation, it's his anger issues/moodiness. I get it, we all get emotional at times (I'd definitely know about that), but he gets mean when he's emotional, I on the other hand, get affectionate and sad. I am so young and still figuring out what I want to do with my life (I've always planned to leave my city when I go to university), but he recently talked about buying a condo in the city we live in now, and moving in together officially (this is important to know for the argument that happened today.)

Now, we both have been under a lot of pressure, he got a harder job and longer hours, and I am juggling getting my high school diploma and working. We both are super busy, but I still want to come home to him on my tough days to just be with my best friend. But today, I asked if he wanted me to sleep over because we only see each other once on the weekend but he said "No, not really. I don't feel like hanging out today" and my heart sank. I just don't understand how after a whole week apart, it's not enough. I asked him why and he said "hanging out with you can be exhausting, draining, and stressful".. this confused me even more because why are we in a relationship if he feels like this?

He keeps on switching up between "Have my babies, I love you so much" to "I don't want to hangout with you because you're too stressful".. I'm trying my best to be the best girlfriend ever. I've been trying this whole damn time. I am utterly lost and pained. I don't understand how he wants to spend the rest of his life with me (he's said this a bunch of times), yet these things keep on happening.

Important Note: I see him as my best friend, and if he were feeling bad, I would do anything (massage him, cook, clean for him, let him vent, etc.) and if I was feeling bad (like today), I'd want the same.. or even just to be with him. I let him know that today and he replied "thanks for trying to guilt me. Goodnight."

I just want to know if I'm being unfair, or if we're both not in the wrong, just too different with what we want.

TL;DR My (F19) boyfriend (M29) wants alone time on our scheduled sleep over day, keeps on acting like he switches from being completely in love with me to not wanting to see me because I'm too stressful and draining. Yesterday, we talked about buying a condo together and starting OUR life.