Hopes up..shot down

My 2 year old nephew was laying with me on the couch today. Pointing at my belly saying baby over and over again. It got my hopes up. Then I learned that his moms sister is pregnant after 2 miscarriages and she just posted it on Facebook. I’m so depressed and upset. I’m not out this month. I had a peak ovulation. We had sex about 5-6 times during it. I had spotting the day before peak and I had sex 3 days before peak. Well now I’m one day past ovulation and I started dripping blood for a couple minutes while trying to go potty. The spotting stopped within an hour. I’ve been bloated and nauseous and moody and my boobs hurt and acne but it’s too early for symptoms which leads me to believe maybe somethings wrong with me. Why am I spotting. On two separate days. I thought ovulation but maybe not. I just wanna lay here and cry. I’ve watched about a dozen friends get pregnant have a baby then get pregnant again within the past two years. While I’m still struggling.