Has anyone had a SINGLE contraction?


So I've had Braxton hicks since 14! Weeks. I've been having then WAY more often, I mean like 3 a hour for the past 3-4 days.

Last night I woke up and my entire stomach was hard and cramped up. The pain was SO STRONG I couldn't breath or move! I'm not sure how long it lasted because it straight woke me up from my sleep but oh my gosh that was pain. Any one else?

Update: this one was different from BH. Like it burned all over my stomach and paralyzed me. I couldn't breathe nor speak. It was debilitating I felt like she was gunna tear out of my stomach. BH are usually going to take you back a bit but they shouldn't cause severe pain. I'm wondering If that was a real contraction and to expect that during labor lol it was BH