My therapist didn’t have an answer to my question

So I was raped at 18 by someone who knew me since I was 15 this person has watched me grow and learned a lot about me before he assaulted me in my own home, in my own bed.. I’m now 21 and still carry a lot of anger and hurt I don’t think I’ll ever get over losing my virginity that way especially because I wanted to wait until I was married I know there are people who have different opinions on virginity “it wasn’t consensual so he didn’t take anything from you” yet I was penetrated in my opinion he did along with my trust, happiness and peace of mind. So I’ve been in therapy for a while now and I have this strong feeling she just wants me to get over it already she said “you have to forgive him you’re only going to keep dwelling on what happened if you don’t forgive and leave that trauma in that past, you can’t think of it as he took something from you because he didn’t you’re still here, you’re still you, in order to be happy you have to move on from that” I really don’t get that I proceeded and said “why do I have to forgive someone who purposely had intentions to hurt me ? this man planned this and yet I’m being gaslighted to forgive him” why are women always put in a corner and told to forgive and move on from shit “be the bigger person” 🙄 I’ve been the bigger person my whole life letting things slide but this I cannot move forward from