Helpful Article ❤️ one week since mc

Alex • Due Jan 2020

It will be a week tomorrow that we started miscarrying our first child. The last week has been awful. Absolutely awful.

We knew it was risky to tell a few friends and family members when we first found out we were expecting. But we were so happy and so excited and those feelings deserve to be felt and shared with your loved ones.

I never thought I’d be “following up” with those people to tell them we had lost our baby 3 weeks later. And that there was nothing we could have done to prevent it or to stop it. Most have responded perfectly. But there has been one or two who definitely asked questions, and the wrong questions. I didn’t want to answer questions. I didn’t have any answers.

My closest friends and mom have done research on their own to learn more about miscarriages and to try and support me in the best way that makes sense for me. They have not personally gone through this, but it meant the world to me that they were taking time to try and understand.

I came across this article tonight. Even though it’s written by Buzzfeed, there were quite a few women that I could relate to. It’s comforting to not feel alone and to know what you are feeling and THINKING is OKAY and that you are allowed to grieve in what ever way you want to.

I wanted to share in hopes that this article could help you feel understood. Also might be worth sharing with your loved ones. I’m sending you all love and strength and please know that you are not alone. Dwell in hope ❤️