Hormonessssss emotionsssss

Rebekah • 👩🏼+🧔🏾=👶🏽

My husband went out to get a haircut and said, “do you want anything?” And I was like, “yeah, surprise me with a snack!” An hour and a half later I’m starving but I’m sure he’ll be home soon with a snack. He calls and says he’s getting Chick-fil-A. Cool. He calls again and says, “it’s Sunday, I forgot. Want zaxby’s or something?” I’m like nah, forget about it. He explains he didn’t even get a haircut; he waited around for forever hoping they would get to him before they closed but it didn’t look like they were going to, so he left.

Now I feel really mad that he was gone so long and I’m so hungry and he’s not even bringing me a snack.

And I know it’s so dumb of me! Lol trying to chill myself before he gets home. 😐 So done being pregnant and ridiculous. Ready to be in charge of my body and my emotions again.