Am I about to ovulate or already did?


Lil background- Age 27

#Last period- Feb 14

#Spotting - tiny Brown streak with lots of EWCM on 12th April, and today.

#Regularity- Irregular periods since last year june due to stress, travel, and mostly weight gain.

#Medication- was put on Metformin 750 since December 12, 2018. Been using regularly up until mid feb and forgot later🤣 Got period twice ever since then. Started using again since past 10 days. N then i start seeing this brown spotting.

#OPK strips- have been <a href="">tracking ovulation</a> ever since last month on n off but test line never got dark. It was always barely visible. Almost like nothing popped up. It happened even yesterday.

#Today - Severe nauseau since morning, last night had severe leg ache, slight cramps, huge blob of EWCM with blood streak. Tested out of no where for Ovulation around 6.25pm(top pic) n it showed slight positive ( i had pineapple juice at 4.30pm n no drink after that evn water) . At 7.10pm(bottom pic) tested second strip.n both lines look alike. Glow says positive for both.

2nd Pic of Blood- Taken on 12th April

Do you think I ovulated or I am yet too ? N continue BDing?