my story (i just feel like i have to share it somewhere)


warning: lots of text.

i met this guy and i thought he was my everything and my parents would always say, “i don’t know about him. stay away from him, you barely know him” and because i was so young, i didn’t listen to my parents and started secretly dating him. flash forward a few months later turns out he guilt tripped me into staying up with him till 3 am every night even on school nights because he had “depression” and every time i tried to say “good night” he’d say “i might try killing myself again”, “i should just die”, “i’m not worthy of existing” so i would be too scared to go to sleep and i spent all my time on him because he kept begging for attention from me. he’d say “if you really loved me, you would stay up for me”. i started failing my courses because of him. he would manipulate me and convince me my parents and friends were evil and didn’t care about me and he was the only one who “loved” me. he’d send me nudes randomly, send me jack off vids, whatever turned him on the most. and he’d ask for nudes back. “we’re going to have sex and you’re going to give me a handjob next week?” he once asked. i was fourteen. he kept making sexual references that made me uncomfortable but i couldn’t leave him because i thought that it i did he would “kill himself” as he said. he even once stuck his hand down my pants and it hurt. after i dumped his ass december (a total shitshow, he started begging me and telling me how he’d die without me) i realized how absolutely toxic and horrible he was. i got back all my friends and blocked him on every social media :) moral of story, parents always know best.