Trinity • Mommy to Keanu & Azaleah

So my boyfriend and I just recently moved into or first new home! And it’s so excited but we also have a roommate and he’s a good friend. He had this little brother that just turned 18 and he doesn’t live with us but he comes over quite often. He dropped out of high school, no job, no car, just stays with his parents and no judgement because I’m not perfect myself either.. he just has no respect everytime he comes over, thinking he lives here too. Yeah he’s just a kid so I should expect this but I’m 27 weeks pregnant here and I’m not trying to deal with this. Honestly if this is how it’s gonna be, I’m out.. and where I go, my baby goes.. obviously he’s still cooking in my belly.... My boyfriend helped him get a job where my boyfriend works and because this 18year old has no car, my boyfriend said “he can stay here the days we work and I’ll take him to work with me” (their work hrs are sat, sun, and mon.. 3rd shift) and THATS NOT OKAY TO ME! my house don’t have an extra room for him, he’s probably gonna sleep on my couch. And by the way, my boyfriend didn’t even talk this out with me or our roommate. Not only that this 18year old lives an hr away from my house. That’s means every week after work my boyfriend is gonna end up taking him home and picking him back up. I already know where this is gonna go. Because there’s gonna be days he’s not gonna want to take him or pick him up. I tried talking it out with my boyfriend but he ignored me, and got me. I don’t even care at this point. If he lives here “on the weekends” I’m out. And Yes I’m gonna act like I’m careless because my boyfriend didn’t care to talk about this with me or our roommate. And its messed up because it’s our roommates little brother!! my roommate should be doing this but he doesn’t care because of how disrespectful his own little brother is. SOMEBODY tell me am I overreacting?