My neighbors dog! What should I do?!

My neighbors dog, who is a few months old, has recently been being locked outside on the balcony everyday & everynight. My window faces the balcony and my window is mostly always open so I could hear him (even right now) crying to get inside. Last night it was a storm and poured and thundered but they left the dog outside. Currently, he has been outside all morning and a lot recently these past weeks. The dog is tiny and has no food or water outside with him, and has been crying for atleast 2 hours now since I’ve gotten home around 1 and it’s now 3. You can tell he’s thirsty because he’s panting and his younger is out, but now it’s starting to drizzle. I feel really bad but the owners are pretty rude so I don’t want to go over and tell them how they should raise the dog and them give me attitude. What should I do? What would you guys do?