At Home Insemination


Myself and my wife have been TTC for the last 2 months, 1st time we tried we met our donor in a bar nextdoor to our hotel.. I took him up to the room we were staying in he left his sample came back to meet us in the bar then myself and my wife went back to the room and inseminated.. I think from the time he left the sample to the time we inseminated it must’ve been probably around 15 - 20 minutes. We’ve been using a 10ml syringe. Inseminating with pillows underneath my hips.. Unfortunately this attempt failed. So we tried again at the beginning of this month, This was our 2nd time, our donor came to us with the sample.. so not really sure when he deposited. We inseminated once at night using another 10ml syringe and again the following morning using a soft cup, I have just found out this was also unsuccessful... both times I have used preseed besides when using the soft cup. Anyone any tips!?!? Or know where we could be going wrong!????