What to do?!

Kelly🌻 • Mom of two beautiful boys and a precious little girl, also I am married to my high school sweetheart! I love my life and God is so good!❤️

Hi ladies! I need some advice please! Okay so me and my family moved to Arizona for my husbands job thinking it was going to turn into a full time job because that’s what we were told he builds guitars btw anyways it’s now three months in and he’s not getting paid at this job so we were forced into him getting a full time landscaping job, he now works the landscaping job, the guitar job and he’s a custodian at night while I work one day out of the week, so we’re making it but I wanted him working in the job he went to school for but he has to put some much more time in the other jobs because we have two kids we have to provide for so we’re at a loss right now, we own a home back in our home town so I’m thinking we move back and he can start building his own guitars and make his own business because our house is big and he has a shop there so we’d just need to buy a few tools and wood etc, I think this would be a great plan considering it’s much cheaper there and our boys can have their house back, I also just got a job interview to become a pharmacy tech here in Arizona which would be great because that could/would become my career, I just need advice on what you guys think is a smarter choice, at the end of course it’s gonna be what me and my husband decide but I would like to hear some input please! Thank you so much guys!