Announcement Advice Please

Hi Everyone,

I need your input and suggestions for an announcement issue we’re having. I fell pregnant with our first while engaged 7 years ago. When we announced my sister in law (husband’s sister) was upset and stated if anyone should be pregnant it’s her. Her and her husband do not have issues conceiving, but they weren’t able to try due to medications. She is now 12 weeks pregnant and had announced to everyone except social media (not sure what they’re waiting for). I know They are going to announce on social because they took pictures for it. I am 7 weeks pregnant and plan on announcing to everyone on Easter with a big sibling shirt. I for some reason feel the need to talk beforehand with my SIL and her husband and ask them if they mind we announce on social media. My husband doesn’t think we need to because this is our pregnancy as well. I feel a need because this is their first and I don’t want to take anything away from them (can’t imagine what she’d say if I were to “ruin” this for her). I need advice with what to do. A part of me thinks she’s going to be upset again and give unsolicited opinions like I should wait until after the first trimester, we’re not in a position for a second, etc. (yes she isn’t afraid of being nasty). I want to avoid confrontation altogether which is why I thought talking beforehand would help mitigate this possibility, but at the same time I don’t want her to upset me with her opinions during a time that should be happy for my family. I take things to heart and think too much of others’ feelings sometimes where I’ll get hurt in the end.

I’d just like some input into what you’d do in this situation. We don’t want to wait for 12 weeks especially to tell our first ( who will tell others ). I have a shirt to announce to friends and family on Easter so my husband and I agreed this isn’t going to change no matter what. I’m just talking about announcing on social media to the rest of our family and friends we won’t see on Sunday.