Tampon Troubles


I’m 14, turning 15, and I can’t put in a tampon yet. At first, I tried U by Kotex and got it halfway in, but it hurt to push it up anymore. Out of all 18 regulars in the box I could get NONE, nope not even one tampon in. This time I have the Playtex Sport tampons because they seem smaller. I can push it up to a certain extent, but when I keep going, it hurts and feels really uncomfortable. Is my vagina too tight to put in? I’m told I need to relax, but I am relaxed. I don’t feel nervous or anxious when I try to put one in. I haven’t gone to the doctor, and frankly, I’m scared to see a OB/GYN about this because of this exact reason. Does anyone have any tips or share the same experiences? Thank you! (P.S I tried everything, researched everywhere, kegels, I really don’t know what to do)